About us

Transport Care is a non-emergency medical transportation provider. We serve the Sonoma County area providing quality transportation services. We provide professional, door-to-door transportation to the elderly and disabled. We assist clients from time of pick-up to make sure they get there safely and in plenty of time.

Transport Care drivers are certified through testing, by the National Safety Council.
Drivers have also completed professional training on loading and unloading wheelchair passengers safely, from Nor-Cal Mobility.

Our drivers have volunteer experience, with local non profits, transporting the elderly and disabled and have completed CPR and First Aid training through the, "American Red Cross".

Our highly trained drivers are thoughtful and caring people that understand difficulties that arise for people, with limited mobility.

Transport Care, LLC is fully insured and licensed.


Reliable Transportation

Unlike ambulance services, which are for emergency transport and response - Transport Care is a non-emergency medical transport. Transport Care offers you appropriate medical supervision, without the exorbitant cost associated with transport in an ambulance. We are a service oriented company, which caters to people in need of reliable transportation services.

All Medical Appointments

Doctor's Appointments
Non-Emergency Hospital Visits
Hospital Discharge
Physical Therapy and Stroke Rehabilitation
Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehabilitation
Dental Appointments

Non Medical Occasions

Long Distance Trips
Train or Bus stations
Special and family events

Questions & Answers

How will I be billed for the transportation services?
If you are "private pay" and have an open account, or reside in a skilled nursing facility, board and care or assisted living residence, we will be happy to invoice you later for services rendered. Otherwise, payment is expected at the time of service unless prior arrangements are made through our office.
What forms of payment do you accept?
Currently we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cash or Check. Anytime you pay at the time of service, the driver will give you a written receipt for your records.
How much advance time do I need to provide before booking a transport?
We can usually accommodate a transport request within 1 to 2 hours of your phone call.
Can I travel in my own wheelchair?
Yes. However, if you need a wheelchair we can provide one at no extra cost.
Can a family member or attendant go along to my appointment?
Yes, we welcome family members or attendants to ride along provided our office is notified in advance of the pick-up time.
Will the driver stay with me during my appointment?
In most cases the driver will transport you to your appointment and then return when you are finished.
Will the driver take me inside?
Yes, our service is "through the door". That means we will pick you up from inside of your residence and drop you off inside the medical appointment office.
Should I call for a return before my appointment is finished?
No, if our schedule is tight and the driver shows up before you are actually ready, he/she may not be able to wait for you.
What should I do if I am unhappy with the service?
Please contact our office immediately at (707)-478-8856.
Still got a question about our service?
Please contact us at (707)-478-8856. We are happy to answer them all.


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Contact information

If you have questions, comments or need more information please contact us by telephone, email or writing.

Transport Care, LLC
3715 Hennessy Place
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Phone : (707) 478-8856
Fax : (877) 538-3495

Email : info@transportcare1.com